Sort out my courses in Rutgers Unviersity.

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ECE 453 TOPICS IN ECE - Computing principles for mobile embedded systems

Professor: Yingying (Jennifer) Chen

Kind, serious and beautiful.

Always kind and considerate in class, especially when students are doing a presentation.

Help me understand what is a research or a paper looks like. It is interesting and exciting. I may read a doctorate later I think.

Course Comment

Funny and inspiring materials. Relaxed classroom atmosphere.


A four page paper review of a paper appointed by the professor.

The professor will give you some good examples.


Topics are selected from Mote Sensors, Smartphones, FPGA and something new like PIP TAGs.

We implemented a simple pedometer in this project, and it worked well. I am not going to publish this project because we are going to reuse it in something else.


Finally, I got an A. However, I only got about 50% (7.7/15) in Attendance and Bonus. The “Bonus” grades maybe gotten from the performance, like asking or answering a question, in the class.