Sort out my courses in Rutgers Unviersity.

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ECE 453 Mobile APP Engineering

Professor: Marco Gruteser

A handsome, kind man. Maybe a German.

Course Comment

Assignments: Practical assignments. About 3-4 per term. Have 2-3 weeks to work on it.

Mid Term: Grad students have another 15pt questions to answer. The exam is simple and basic, but covers almost all topics mentioned in class.

Final: A project.

The course will be better if the professor show us more real codes in the class.


Well, the real problem is.. it’s difficult to understand the assignment requirements.. But you can do it in you own way.

Assignment 1 To Do List

Assignment 2 Contact List

Assignment 3 My Daily Path


Final Project - RuPool


Get an A. I worked hard on the projects so I think I deserve it.