Sort out my courses in Rutgers Unviersity.

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CS520 - Introduction to AI

Professor: Wes Cowan

Interesting, Learned professor.

Course Comment

This course will not tell you how to write programs in a specific language (because it is easy any way), but will tell you how to build a solution model for a problem. Four hard projects, a hard final exam.

Projects (55%)

Four team projects, based on four topics in the course. Practical and mathmatical. Hard, plan your time carefully.

Final (40%)

Take home final, last for 1-2 weeks. Hard, but basic, you can even discuss the problem with the professor.

Participation (5%)

The professor doesn’t metion this any more after the first class.

My Work

Not avaliable since they are team work.


A should also be easy to get if you pay your effort.