Sort out my courses in Rutgers Unviersity.

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ECE563 - Computer Architecture I

Professor: Sheng Wei

New faculty in Rutgers since Fall 2018. Kind, gentle professor. I also take his ECE 579 Hardware & System Security in Spring 2019.

Course Comment

Well, I have to admit that I take the course in this semester not in Fall 2017 is beacuse Prof. Maria Striki doesn’t teach this course in Fall 2018. Please check rate my professor for more details.

CA taught by Prof. Wei is much easier than CA taught by Prof Maria. I perfer this version of CA because it is more suitable for students’ cognitive habits.

Homework (0%)

Four HW. 3-4 problems in each HW. Easy, basic.

Quiz (10%)

There are four quizzes. Only 1 problem in each quiz, and it comes from the HW. 3 best out of 4 quizzes will be counted.

Mid & Final Exam (20%, 20%)

4~5 problems each, coming from the HW, quiz or the slides.

Project (50%)


Getting an A should be easy if you put your effort.