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ECE 701 & 702 Master’s Thesis

Professor: Yingying Chen

You will attend a meeting once a week to report your work. Nice Professor, nice mentors.

Why Master’s Thesis

If you are considering these, you can try a master’s thesis to get your master’s degree (if you don’t take the master’s thesis, you only need to write a techical paper. Check the handbook on ECE website for more details.):

In a word, it seems that writing a master’s thesis is a good way no matter you want to do (get a Ph.D. or work) after graduation.

However, it might be very hard to write a thesis. So consider carefully before make your decision. It is not required to write a thesis if you want to get a doctor degree. But if you want to use your CPT to take an internship, it is required. At the same time, if you don’t want to write a master’s thesis but you want to take an internship, you can use your OPT (but not recommanded if you want an H1-B). PLEASE ask the Rutger’s Global Office for more details. Not responsible for the CPT/OPT suggestion here. Policy might Change.

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