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Tangbao’s Ru Course Archive

Entered Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey in Aug 2017 for a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Transferred to a Ph.D. student in ECE in May 2019.

Use this GitHub page to record, archive, and share my course resources.

Hope it can help you and make you do better decision.

Actually, it was one of my dreams to archive my courses when I was in UESTC. Now in Rutgers, the courses are much less, so I have time to do this now.

The last update date of this page is 2021 May 22. I am very busy and I will update this page very slowly.

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Course List

Course information: Official course descriptions can be found on the corresponding department’s website.

Professor recommendation: Rate my professor is another helpful website to help you choose the course (and the instructor).

Course recommendation: I recommend all the courses below. I believe you can get an A or S for all the courses below if you take the courses and do the assignments seriously.


For Rutgers students, you MUST fully adhere to the policy on Academic Integrity when learning from anything on this GitHub page or on my GitHub. All the contents are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 unless stating additionally.

Semester Course Number Name Instructor
Spring 2021 ECE 579 Advanced Topics Computer Engineering - Introduction to Deep Learning Bo Yuan
Fall 2020 ECE 561 Machine Vision Yuqian Zhang
Fall 2020 ECE 574 Digital VLSI Design Bo Yuan
Fall 2020 ECE 579 Advanced Topics Computer Engineering - Introduction to Quantum Information Science Emina Soljanin
Fall 2019 ECE 585 Sustainable Energy Hana Godrich
Fall 2019 MATH 527 Methods of Applied Mathematics I Liping Liu
Spring 2019 ECE 702 Master’s Thesis Yingying Chen
Spring 2019 ECE 602 Special Problems Sheng Wei
Spring 2019 ECE 579 Advanced Topics Computer Engineering - Hardware and System Security Sheng Wei
Fall 2018 ECE 701 Master’s Thesis Yingying Chen
Fall 2018 ECE 563 Computer Architecture Sheng Wei
Fall 2018 C S 520 Introduction to AI Wes Cowan
Spring 2018 ECE 699 Colloquium in ECE N/A
Spring 2018 ECE 573 Data Structure and Algorithms Shantenu Jha
Spring 2018 ECE 568 Software Engineering II Web Application Shiyu Zhou
Spring 2018 ECE 519 Advanced Topics - Information and Network Security Wade Trappe
Spring 2018 ECE 448 Undergraduate Capstone Design Yingying Chen
Fall 2017 ECE 503 Programming Methodology for Finance Shiyu Zhou
Fall 2017 ECE 453 Mobile APP Engineering* Marco Gruteser
Fall 2017 ECE 435 TOPICS IN ECE - Computing principles for mobile embedded systems* Yingying Chen

* These courses are undergraduate courses. These courses can be registered by graduate students as well, but with a different course number.


Welcome to contact me if you have any questions about my courses. Please check here.